Signs & Symptoms

of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Lavender Ridge has the expertise to simplify and improve your loved one’s life, while helping you find the peace-of-mind you deserve. We understand the challenges of watching your loved one suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. We know firsthand how demanding caregiving is. We are a resource for you to navigate signs and symptoms and can advise on how to manage them.

Memory Loss

Forgetting important information, misplacing things and getting lost can be frustrating. We assist by employing visual cues to identify each resident's suite, place at mealtime tables and other locations around the community.


Memory loss can produce anxiety on a regular basis. We reduce other common sources of anxiety such as the comings and goings of visitors and staff.


Individuals with memory loss can become frustrated by not being able to go where they’d like. We encourage independent movement around our obstacle-free community, designed with hallways in a continuous path, that spare residents the frustration or fear of an ending hallway. We also provide secured open spaces both inside and out for self-directed exploration.

Alzheimer's disease can affect the part of the brain that handles social situations. Sufferers often withdraw as they forget names, faces and environments. We nurture engagement by encouraging family and friends to visit and creating tasks of relevance each day in order to continue familiar social routines.


Alzheimer’s disease affects the area of the brain that regulates hormones, appetite and cognitive function which all can affect sleep patterns. This can result in restless nights. Our daily programs feature physical and mental stimulation designed to promote restorative sleep.


Memory loss and difficulty with speaking, writing and general day-to-day tasks are all signs of mental decline. Our daily activities are designed to stimulate the brain and promote physical and mental well-being.


"Sundowner's Syndrome" can cause confusion and anger, particularly after sunset. Our building is designed to maximize the calming effects of natural light.


Those with memory loss understandably become irritable easily. We provide residents with opportunities to overcome challenges and achieve successes, promoting a more relaxed and calm attitude.