When my mother’s Alzheimer’s progressed to the point where she needed a more secure environment to maintain her safety, I cast a wide net looking for a suitable location — it had to be clean, with a friendly staff and safe. I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I walked through Lavender Ridge’s door!!! I knew immediately it was going to be much more thank an ‘ok’ place for my mother.

Mom was treated with kindness and respect, but more importantly, mom was LOVED! The care provided at Lavender Ridge is unmatched. Employees develop genuine relationships with the residents creating a home-like environment. I was able to go to work each day knowing mom was safe and people were caring for her as I would. What more could anyone ask?!
— Mary Beth M.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for each of you for the care you provided to my mother during the last two and a half months of her life.

I have spent some time with many health providers these last five years, and it has been clear to me that a lot of those providers were just going through the motions - just doing what they had to do, and nothing more, to collect a paycheck. I never felt that way about anyone at Lavender Ridge. I watched with thankfulness, and awe, the many acts of loving kindness you showered upon Mom and her fellow residents.

Dementia is a terrible affliction - it peels away the layers of humanness that make us unique individuals: personality, memory, the sense of security and of self. I will never forget the effortless grace, the endless patience, and the consummate professionalism you each displayed as you helped my mother, and all the residents at Lavender Ridge, navigate the difficult course of life with dementia.

At various times, and in various ways, I saw each of you give her the greatest gifts any human being can give to another: love, laughter, compassion and dignity.

I thank each of you for what you did to enrich her final months and days in this life: were she able to do so, she would thank you too.

You are a beautiful group of people - may you each be blessed!
— Adam S.

For almost two years, Lavender Ridge was home to my dad. That first week was a rough one. Dad was very upset with me and I believe it was Keesha who told me that this was normal behavior, to give it a week and let him adjust. I did just that and Lavender Ridge quickly grew to be a second home, not only for him but also for our family. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved we were to know dad was safe and it wasn’t long before he had the CNAs wrapped around his finger!
We could sleep at night knowing he was warm, well-fed and safe. We cannot begin to thank you all for the kindness and care you gave our dad.
— Kathy A.

Doug and I just wanted to let you know how very much we appreciate you and every member of your staff. You truly have no idea how much of a burden has been lifted from us since we’ve gotten to know you!! You have got the sweetest, most precious disposition and we both feel as though this isn’t just “business”... it’s more of a “friendship.” Your kindness and genuine concern for us and what you do is so obvious. We are both of the mindset that God opens doors when they need to be opened and that He places people in your life for a reason. There’s no doubt you are here for us. Thanks to the Big Man up above! We just can’t stress to you enough how much you are thought of and appreciated!
Thank you for always being so kind, caring and considerate!! You are a blessing!
— Doug and Kelly C.

My mom, Kathy, has been with Lavender Ridge — “The Ridge” — since January 2014. The Ridge has become her home. She loves the attention she receives from the staff and residents. They are the BEST you’ll ever find! Mom is definitely spoiled, to say the least!

The Ridge is a beautiful, modern facility and is always absolutely immaculate. Mom has her own apartment and is allowed to decorate as she pleases to make it her own private space.

Erich, the manager, helped me so much when we moved my mom here. He is very caring and gave me all of his attention on that day. Kudos to him! Erich and all the staff helped me make the transition much easier to accept during a very difficult time. I cannot praise the staff enough - every single one of them! Love to you all and my mom loves and adores you, as well!
— Tina M.

Our father has been a resident of Lavender Ridge since 2015. Not only has he had a great experience, but we have had excellent encounters with the staff, as well. He has his own room (furnished with his furniture from home), a full bathroom with a walk-in shower, a small refrigerator and a sink. His personal needs are taken care of by the kind staff — laundry, assistance with bathing and shaving, dressing, daily medications administered by the nurse, and three good meals daily with snacks between meals and at bedtime. There are even activities for all the residents so that they can socialize. It is our opinion that we could not have found a better place for our father to live.
— The family of Mr. John W.

My mother, Pauline, has been living at Lavender Ridge since 2014. She has a large room with all of her personal belongings, her own bathroom and a small refrigerator — all offer the comforts of home. The facility offers three meals a day, along with snacks and daily activities such as Bingo and performers who sing. My mom previously had 24-hour care at home for five years and the burden was on me. I now feel so relieved. The staff at Lavender Ridge is wonderful (all of them) and knowing that there is a nurse available 24 hours a day is a relief. They also keep me posted if my mom’s condition changes. Erich, the manager, is amazing! He is there full-time and is very easy to be reached at any time, making this difficult time and adjustment very easy. Thank you, Lavender Ridge!
— Paula F.

To all of you who were so good to my dad while he lived in your facility, I just want to say thanks. For all of the care, time and love each of you gave to him, I am truly appreciative and it will not be forgotten. Thank you also for the poem you recently sent to us. We both needed another reason for a good cry. I wish all of you could have met dad before he got to the point where he needed your help. He loved you people and I love you for loving him. All of you take care and always remember dad as I’m sure he would remember you.
— Bobby Jr.

Hope all is going well with you and the others at Lavender Ridge. I think of you often and continue to give thanks that mom had such wonderful and loving people around her when I couldn’t be there. I miss her a lot, but still feel her presence daily. Especially when the birds are singing. I moved the birdbath that she faithfully dumped / washed / refilled morning and evening to our house. It’s concrete and the top weighs about 20 pounds — I can barely manage it (and not that often)... no wonder she stayed so strong! Robins, yellow finches and house wrens are definitely enjoying the ‘pool.’
— Ruth Ann A.

Just a note of thanks for everything you have done. All the long conversations... questions answered... your care for us and of Laverne... and above all - your patience! You are amazing at your job! You will never truly know how much Doug and I appreciate you helping us make this huge transition!! Please know if there is anything we can do for you - just let us know!!
— Doug and Kelly C.

Would like to thank you and your staff for the exceptional care and attention you showed our mother during her stay at Lavender Ridge. It went way beyond just doing your job.
— The Family of Faye W.

We are very pleased and happy with our decision several months ago about placing Jane in your facility. We appreciate your kindness, love and patience. You all have been a blessing and we greatly appreciate you!
— Sidney P.

To say we are very pleased is so inadequate. We are so proud to have our mom at your facility. Your care and compassion for mom and the other residents is so kind. Please know that we truly appreciate all you have done to make this decision a good one. Enjoy the strawberry cake.
— Kevin C.

Over one year ago, I know that dad was going to need help other than what mom and I could provide. I began the difficult search for a home for him. I went to some facilities unannounced and others I called for an appointment. While driving to Mt. Vernon one hot summer day, I drove past Lavender Ridge. Upon arriving home, I went to the website and looked. I called and within a few days attended your Open House with my dear husband.

The first person to greet us was quite friendly and then appeared a happy little black and white dog. The tour was wonderful, the staff went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and as we were leaving a warm gentle soul came from her office. It was the same little gal who was so wonderful to my grandmother at Brookstone at Fairfield. I had prayed that the good Lord would lead me to the right place for my dad. After all, I’ve always been his little girl and he has and always will be the top man of my life. Making this difficult decision by myself was the toughest one that I have endured. But, Lavender Ridge and their caring staff is my answered prayer.

I just felt I needed to share this letter with the people who work so hard and I believe truly love us and my dad. The good Lord has blessed our family with angels on earth at Lavender Ridge.

God bless each and every one of you.
— Linda B.

There’s an Assisted Living on Walnut Street,
That has the nicest people you would ever meet,
I’m talking about the residence here,
Where we all receive such wonderful care,
And the employees here are the best,
From the kitchen staff that feed us the best,
To the nurses to check on us,
Through the day and the night when we rest,
They all make us feel like we’re at home,
And we have pictures on the walls just like I do at home,
I’m so lucky to have this great place,
For I get the assisted living that I need,
Instead of being in a hospital or place I can’t leave,
So I firmly recommend Lavender Ridge,
For all that need help in crossing life’s bridge.
— Frank S.